The Blessings of Enough

Lots of love, lots of Butterflies, lots of milk, lots of Black-eyed Susans, lots of Black-eyed Peas, lots of cows, lots of corn, lots of girls, lots of running, lots of land. Hey, maybe that’s where they got the term for “lots of” anything, from LAND!  Land has spurred alot of THOUGHT! 

ANYWAY, as to lots of Natural CORNfusion:  Come get your Exercise!    The Problem is Clear. The Solution is Obvious. Americans don’t get enough exercise!  So, I feel it’s my job to provide an AGRICULTURAL VENUE for Americans to get their exercise–because, hey, otherwise, they’re just getting injured on their wii’s!  duh! It’s called a workOUT because you’re supposed to do it OUTSIDE!  ‘NOUGH SAID!


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