High Summer!

It’s High Summer, & I’m up at 4:20 to eat BF so I can start picking Lavender at FIRST BIRD-PEEP!  I’m beyond picking Lavender in dainty little baskets, now I’m picking in BUSHELS!  Provence has nothing on Quintessential Gardens!  A customer named me Quintessential Gardens at Fort Hill Farms, because she said I had the Quintessential English Gardens that she has to pay $12 to see in England, so I figured who better to name  a nursery than someone from England. A customer from Scotland yesterday told me that Lavender wouldn’t grow in this heat in Scotland–she wondered why my Lavender looks so good in the heat!  Hey, I mean, “HAY”, Looking better than ever! (Lavender & Hay actually have alot in common–they both have coumarins which give them their fragrance!)  I’m just a FOUNTAIN OF INFORMATION!

People are surprised when I give out info freely at the nursery; I actually tell them “I know you need information (IN-FARM-ATION) more than you need plants.”  Then they KNOW I’m no regular nursery!  What can I say, you don’t need another annual! yuck! We’ve got plants with personality!  We don’t care about fleeting beauty, lol.  We’re in this for the long haul. That’s why I sell a dried flower that lasts for years. Why should you go through the pain of losing Lavender plants–I lost 71 Lavender that I’d planted when I was young  & stupid–in a field–then I got smart & planted them in the foundations of houses & barns for the protection.  LEARN FROM MY PAIN.

I think I’ll start today by picking the flowers on the one Lavender plant in the regular garden that I didn’t lose (Hay, 1 out of 72 ain’t bad!)  The problem with planting the Lavender there is it had SOIL! Lavender doesn’t like soil! yikes, no one ever tells you that!

So, anyway, bring a pencil & paper when you come to the farm, because WE’RE A FARM FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM.



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