Get slow!

“There’s more to life than increasing its speed.”–Gandhi

Yes, so come along for a wagon ride thru The Maple Grove (planted in 1880 to shade the carriage ride to the top of the hill to the Indian fort). The fort was there till the 60’s when the FAA put a VOR there for plane traffic.  But now, Hay!  we still have the cobblestoned paths of The Maple Grove to pad the tracks for our wagon ride (not muddy).  Also, if you have a HORSE, bring it!  BYO horse to ride thru the paths of the maze (not muddy either, b/c all the water runs down the hill to the pond which you can see is very full 🙂

The maze paths are not muddy b/c  so MANY PEOPLE have walked in it, that the paths are like cement!  Even today, Friday, there’s not one rivulet in any of the paths–hard as cement.  lol


for your very own Tell-u-Ride:  professional storytellers on the paths on your travels, Get out of the digital age, and back into the 19th century!  What a hoot! 

You won’t be disappointed; Carolyn is sure to liven things up. 

Peace & GRASS-ias!



  1. Amiga! How great it is to see your blog! I spent last night in Manta, ran errands today and caught up on posts and comments, and rode from Manta to Jama with ‘our’ dear friend Cesar Cevallos! If you picked up strong vibes between seven and eleven tonight/Thursday, it’s because we talked about you and Pete and your farm and about mazes and labyrinths and how great it was to meet you!

    please let sweet george know that he’s presiding over one of my posts: – he is surely soaking in the sights and sounds of uio!
    well it’s time for me to get some sleep. you will definitely be hearing from Cesar!

    your new friend on the equator,
    lisa -‘z’

    • Gracias! I have not been blogging much because I don’t want to just write my “experiences”. It gets kind of boring to people to hear that all the time, so I am waiting for “ah-ha” moments to write blogs. I have alot of them, but that is not really enough to put in a blog. When I read other people’s blogs, usually it is just their “daily life”!

      • i loved your ‘aha’ about energy; connecting the amount of time spent in the sun with high levels of energy is interesting. hmmmmm – a-HA! by goeorge, i think she’s right!
        i hope you stumble upon more aha moments this week!

  2. I know, right?! You know, it is true. I feel the difference in energy right away–and wonder if other people do.

  3. I did have a couple, so you have inspired me to write another blog 🙂

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