Posted by: herrootsrundeep | May 1, 2014

Not long after 9/11, a car drove up to the maze, and one man got out. So, to make conversation (since he was all by himself!), I said, “oh, you are from New York!”. He said, “yes, I am meeting my daughter from Nashville here, we heard this was a good place to connect and get away from it all.”  (so, about then, I was flying high). Then, since she was not here yet, I said, “what do you do?”.

He said, “I am a firefighter”.  (so, about then, I was just about as high as my Eagle flies)

I drew in my breath to see what he was going to say next, and he said, “Well, actually, I am the New York City Fire Marshall.”

Tears came to my eyes, and I called over Donna, working in the maze, to meet him. He said, “oh, I have something for you all”, and went to his car to get FDNY pins for us. I will never forget it. I have been telling that story for that many years–because only because of the maze would a farmer cowgirl ever get to meet THE New York City Fire Marshall. 

So, now, today, just now, we are back  in contact again–and wait till he sees our maze this year! I hope he invites his daughter back!

Maze Connections–that is what our maze is, it is for adults (and children tee hee) to learn about the world, and Nature, and farming,and how to keep this world goin’ round, from the Equator to the Milky Way!






  1. oh that is such a beautiful story, and it brought tears to my eyes… thank you for sharing it.

    our friend cesar has his new visa and i think is anxious to learn more in his cultural exchange.. i’m going to lob this to him, as he’ll enjoy reading it!

    miss you both!


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