Posted by: herrootsrundeep | April 3, 2014

The reason for mayflies

Steelhead Trout must swim back from the sea each year to the clear, cold, rocky streams where they were born in the Snake River Basin in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. They have a deadline they must meet! They must be at their spawning grounds by May or it’ll be too late. They change their gills so that they can collect oxygen from fresh water. They change the food they eat, switching from seafood like shrimp and small fish to insects like caddisflies and mayflies. So, you see, if there  were no mayflies, it would mess up the whole foodchain!  🙂 

They even change the way their bodies float in the water–it’s so much harder to float in fresh water! 🙂  They must leap over waterfalls, climb up fishladders–there are 8 dams on the Colombia and Snake Rivers.  They must travel oh, maybe 900 miles, the distance from Thompson, CT, to Newfoundland! They must swim against currents.  That is what is known as a hard day’s work! 

Anyway, speaking of the reason for mayflies, I saw a garden snake in the garden as I was working in the Lavender Labyrinth yesterday, and it did take me by surprise–I looked at him for a few minutes–he looked at me, and I knew then that there was a good reason for mayflies!  🙂




  1. thanks for a fun lesson about trout and mayflies —- and about remembering to watch for snakes in the garden!   i stumbled upon a boat curled beneath a fallen palm branch, and i surely broke a world record in my backwards leap!   harmless, it adjusted to the invasion of privacy and found a new place to hide!



    • Oh! what serendipity that you commented right now–as I’m thinking of a new design in the garden! I was thinking of a spiral but I am putting that in another garden. But–what made me jump out of bed and want to run out to the garden is another design, linking the 2 gardens–yes, it would be 150′ long, but it will be BEAUTY-FULL. omg, I can’t wait to get making my “furrow” :))) and that will be plural, “furrows”!
      “Resurrection in the Furrow”!

      • good morning, good morning! oh that sounds like so much fun, and what a way to jump start the day! a link between two living works of art – fantastic!

        precious cesar and i were talking this past week, and he’s interested in the planting/young corn stage and also the harvest… thanks again for sparking that flame that will help him broaden his farming knowledge!

    • Was that a boa–or a “boat” you saw!? a real boa? Wow, I don’t know if I could garden with boas, how “fat” was it?

      • i grew up in the southern usa, so this boa was like a healthy cotton mouth water moccasin.,. but small for a boa! it was probably as thick as an over-mature cucumber and about three feet long! they’re beautiful – or perhaps i should say, ‘handsome!’


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