Posted by: herrootsrundeep | March 9, 2014

Surprise! A “muddy confluence” in the Kuala Lumpur plane crash :-)

Yesterday morning at this same time, I was reading about the plane crash of the plane that started out in Kuala Lumpur, the “muddy confluence of two rivers”, and thought how strange the whole situation seemed to be, “where is this 400-ton piece of steel”. Then, during the day, talking about it with my worldly friend, and her also conflicted about it, I thought, “this is a mystery I want to follow”. 

     Now, this morning, a clue! Two people, an Austrian and an Ital’n flying with stolen passports, how unnerving is this!   Plus, to muddy the waters a  little more–some of the 9/11 attack was planned from this same muddy spot. 

     I know some of you may be thinking, “why is a farmer in CT, worried about this?”.  Well, it is such a small world now.   When I ask people at the Creamery where they are from, and in one day, these are the answers, well, see for yourself:  “oh, just south of London”



The “Paris” answer was perfect, because I had just been explaining to a lady how the Labyrinth is not just an “easier” maze; it is a method of physically working out your emotions and your life, a way to de-stress in a matter of 45 minutes.  “Plus”, I said, “you can either go to Paris–or Thompson–to walk in a Labyrinth!”. She vehemently said, “I don’t know why anyone would want to go in a labyrinth in Paris or Thompson!”, and in walked acouple of guys. I was so taken aback by her answer, that I could not scoop her ice cream-my hand was shaking so much–so I said to the guys “where are you from?”, and one of them said, “Paris–and we are here to walk your Labyrinth!”.Oh, how wonderful I felt, the Labyrinth saved me again from a “muddy confluence”.  (Note:  “Kuala Lumpur”  means “muddy confluence”. 


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