Posted by: herrootsrundeep | February 17, 2014

Mesmerizing and indigenous

In Ecuador, a lot of the meals are served “family-style”, in what is actually a farmhouse, ” La Choza”. So, one night we were eating at La Choza, and we noticed alot of activity in the back room. All-of-the-sudden, while we were completely immersed in an Ecuadorean’s farmhouse, people started coming from everywhere, dressed up in very colorful, handmade indigenous clothes.Someone was playing the flute, someone else was playing the pan flute, another on drums, one on the banjo, the harp–and boom, there were girls and aunts and mothers and sisters all dressed exactly alike, but just with 100 different colors, dancing onto the stage, and for the next THREE hours, dance. Everytime a song ended, thay would all dance out and come back in completely different clothes and colors, .  The men, boys, brothers, uncles, fathers would all parade in, dancing to the same music, with astonishingly beautiful clothes, usuallyeach wearing three different-colored ponchos. One of the dances, the guys’ faces were completely covered in long delicate chin-length  gold chains, not gaudy, just exquisitely beautiful and perfect, and they danced so o beautifully  and indigenously. It was sacred. I guess I was really into it, because later one of the other customers asked me if I was their full-time choreographer! :))  She said because I watched every single dancer’s moves, and kept time to the music, and she even noted that the dancers would look at me, she said as if for approval. I guess that is an indication of how deep-immersion culture it was. How beautiful the flute, the low indigenous singing, but the one guy who really held my attention could whistle without moving his mouth, and it was just like, the music was everywhere, but not attributed to any one particular person. The whistling was in such a deepindigenous tone, calling to you very deep like you had definitely heard this somewhere before. I watched him for a long time to see how he did it, but I could never figure it out. I talked to them all after (the only customer who did) and asked them if they knew how good they were. They were so unassuming, so used to it as part of their culture, and that everyone could do it the same way. One guy said to me, “we’re indigenous, you know”. I was even more mesmerized by their inability to be “full of themselves”, they were so amazed that I was talking to them.We were all sitting on the huge farmer’s furniture just like we had seen in the mountain houses in Costa Rica, covered in black-and-white cowhide, so they loved my leather shoes, covered with black-and-white holstein hide.Their perfectly smooth features, long dark black hair braided down to their waist. No I will post pictures if I can find which one of my three Tablets I had with me that night.



  1. what a fun narrative! i can see you with your serene smile as you soak in the entire experience! i wish i had been there! z

  2. Yes, but my phone, running out of space, deleted those pics on its own volition! Anyway, Peter took pics, so I will get his.

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